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MySmileBuddy is a telehealth caries counseling application for Socially-Vulnerable Children at High Risk for Tooth Decay.


Usability Testing
Synthesize Findings
Product iteration


State Oral Health Mobile Dental Van Grants Program Partnership with The Columbia University MySmileBuddy Team


Dec. 2022 - Feb. 2023

My Role

Usability Test Facilitator
Project Leader


MySmileBuddy is 


Product's Usability

  • Understand the interface

  • Easy navigation of the application and workflow

  • Barriers in interacting with the application

  • Satisfaction and emotional reaction to the application design (information, interaction, functionality, content design/RA, Goal planning etc.)

Technical Evaluation

  • Any potential challenges in access and use of the web application​​

Assess users' needs in access and use of the web application

  • What are they currently doing or have access to caries management? (family)

  • How does MSB fit into overall caries management support?

  • Understand the context: Relationship and communication with the families

  • Content

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